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Tricks to light up your kitchen this winter

Tile specialist PORCELANOSA offers various types of lighting ideas to give your kitchen a more appealing look for the dark months ahead..

Editorial Team | 28th December, 2020

There are many possibilities and combinations for kitchen lighting: Warm, cold, soft, diffuse, direct or LED lights are just some of the possible options. But before choosing any of these options, you should ask yourself this question: What is the best lighting for your kitchen?

Here we offer you some key tips on how to light up a kitchen this winter ...

1. LED kitchen lights

In order to know how to illuminate a kitchen, the first thing to do is to adapt the design to the light that best suits it. One of the most common options in recent times is installing LED lights.

PORCELANOSA'S Las LED kitchen lights offer much lower and sustainable consumption than conventional systems. Given their versatility and multi-positioning, these lights can illuminate corners, pantries or drawers, projecting the necessary light onto each object.

They are the preferred option for many interior designers and architects for illuminating kitchens due to their variety of formats and styles. As they do not give off heat, they offer various shades of light and allow different areas to be illuminated independently.

They are also practically invisible and, thanks to LED technology, they are more energy efficient and more reliable.

2. Ceiling lights in the kitchen

If you choose a ceiling lamp, you must choose a lamp that has a long useful life. Nobody likes to have to change bulbs or tubes every year.

A lamp with too much concentrated light should not be chosen for the ceiling of a kitchen if there are no other indirect lights distributed in the space.

3. Under-cabinet kitchen lights & countertops

The under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen allows you to identify and locate utensils faster and more precisely.

The best way to install these lights is to make them invisible, as is the case with Butech's Pro-Telo Light profiles. They can create more intimate areas and original designs.

Depending on the nature of each element, kitchen countertop lighting can vary. When the countertop is white or a light colour, you can install warmer downlights. For dark countertops, you can opt for LED lights with intense and white light.

5. Kitchen island lighting

To differentiate the working area from the non-working area, for the kitchen island you can install LED downlights on the ceiling. LED strips can be hidden under the island countertop and the internal lights on the doors.

Another practical and decorative option is to incorporate hanging lamps that lend a distinctive decorative touch to the space.

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