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BoConcept Creates Harder Working Homes With Multifunctional Designs

BoConcept helps consumers create a flexible and space-efficient home for the ‘new normal’ with its many multifunctional design ...

Editorial Team | 22nd January, 2021

Demands on the home are at an all-time high, having to be an office, gym, classroom, spa and more. During times of lockdown, family members will share that space for an unprecedented number of hours per day. Add to the mix the rise of urbanisation, and its reduction of living spaces in cities, and one can clearly see why space-efficiency is the must-have home improvement for 2021.

But functionality aside, the home should also be emotive; a safe and calming sanctuary. In a society where creativity has been democratised, our spaces should be expressive, reflecting our individuality, values and experiences. In response, BoConcept addresses the new demand for a harder working home by reintroducing consumers to its array of popular multifunctional and space-saving designs. Below, the brand highlights some of its most popular – the ingredients to a harder working home.

Chiva coffee table

Chiva by Morten Georgsen is a bestselling design that consumers love for its clever multifunctionality. Lift its table tops and enjoy a sturdy raised surface, the ideal spot for a takeaway meal and to place a laptop or tablet. Once raised, those table tops reveal concealed storage compartments, making Chiva far than meets the eye. The design is available in range of colourways and two sizes. in February 2021, BoConcept will add a new sculptural leg option, giving the coffee table a subtly feminine expression. The leg is available in two heights.

Billund table

The timeless design by Morten Georgsen makes light work of small dining rooms or open plan living spaces. This 4-seater dining table can be converted into a wall-positioned console table, seating two. Simply drop half of the table top and reposition legs. Billund comes in three stylish colourways.

Xtra footstool-bed

At first glance, Xtra by Anders Nørgaard looks like a stylish upholstered footstool. A versatile piece available in a range of fabrics and leathers. But it’s when an impromptu guest spends the night, that Xtra shows its true colours. Pull off the cover, unfold and in moments Xtra becomes a single bed, complete with memory-foam mattress.

Lugano and Mezzo storage bed

Making use of dead space is a key hack for the harder working home. Like the space under a bed mattress for instance. BoConcept’s range of storage beds does just that. Even with a heavy mattress, accessing that space is effortless due to hydraulic pump mechanisms. The range includes upholstered and panelled bases and a selection of stylish headboards.

Rubi dining-coffee table

Another popular design that brings much-needed flexibility to small living spaces is the Rubi table by Anders Nørgaard. In moments, Rubi goes from medium-sized coffee table to large dining table, seating up to eight. The scissor-design base is fitted with gas-assisted mechanism, so raising the table top is practically effortless. Once lifted the table top swivels and opens in two, doubling the surface space. The design is finished with casters for easy relocation. Rubi arrives in three colourways: matt white lacquered, plus walnut and espresso veneer.

Storage, storage, storage.

For many of its sofas, BoConcept also offers footstools with concealed storage compartments. The designs make perfect companions for sofa beds, happily housing spare bedding, books and more. Storage is a key component of BoConcept’s collection and the harder working home. The brand has a vast array of customisable solutions, including wall systems, shelving, sideboards, TV units, bookcases, chest drawers and much more.

“The home has never had to do so much. The good news is we are uniquely positioned to help consumers handle it all in style. Multifunctionality and customisability have been integral parts of our design DNA for decades. And our Interior Designers have been helping consumers create a personal home for close to 15 years. So, you could say we have been preparing for this moment for quite some time. We look forward to launching ANY STYLE AS LONG AS IT’S YOURS, another chapter in our 69-year story and a compelling reason to choose BoConcept,” says Paula Mc Guinness, Chief Marketing Officer, BoConcept.


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