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Kitchens with a brain

From smartphones to smart refrigerators, the kitchen has become a technological hub of the home with a fresh new wave of tech-based trends taking over- after all who needs to turn a knob to control the stove !

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the cornerstone of family, togetherness, communication, and function. It’s also often one of the most popular spots to host guests. So, when it comes to remodelling projects for the year ahead the kitchen is often the first place where homeowners will look to start. Here we showcase some of our favourite techno trends

TREND 1 - Move over aga, smart cooking has arrived

Living in today’s Instagram age, it’s often not enough to cook a meal — you have to live-stream and share it to the world. A smart countertop oven gives home chefs the ability to share their cooking prowess with the world it also works hand in glove with another of the fastest-growing trends in kitchen appliances the use of smart ovens. Over the years we’ve seen technologically developments in every other appliance in the kitchen and now the humble convection oven has had an upgrade.

Interactive countertop with internet connection by Whirpool

Today the best smart cookers come with numerous features, from sensing the weight of a joint of meat and adjusting the settings accordingly, to offering multiple cooking options across all types of food from pizza to cakes with some even offering touchscreen doors and built-in cameras so you can monitor your food without having to leave your chair! While some even offer voice control through a smart assistant like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby so you can start dinner whilst en-route home

TREND 2 - Grown your own produce

This takes have a window box of herbs to a whole new level! Growing your own vegetables is fun, healthy and saves money.

Hyundai Nano Garden

The problem is, you need a garden, making it difficult for those who live in an apartment. Smart Gardens lets people without outdoor spaces or the healthy conscience grow their very own organic vegetables. Like a refrigerator the Smart Garden uses hydroponics and a controlled supply of electricity, LED lighting, water and nutrients to meet your indoor garden needs.

The most important thing about the vegetable indoor garden is that you’ll be able to grow different purely organic vegetables free from fertilizers and pesticides at home

TREND 3 - Internet Refrigeration

When smart fridges came out a few years ago everyone was sceptical – after all why would you need to look at a screen on your fridge or give it voice commands? Oh how times change. Today fridges come packed with smart technology that can allow you to play videos on a big screen embedded into the door, display your music controls, or use internal cameras to show you what you've got stocked inside.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

You can even order restocks and online shops right from it, and use the screen as effectively as family noticeboard where you can leave reminders and notes for each other.


The humble wine rack is so last year darling – For those who love to entertain what could be better that you own inbuilt WineStation.

Developed by Dacor, the WineStation is an automated, temperature controlled, four-bottle wine dispensing and preservation system for the home.

This built-in appliance serves up to four bottles of wine at once while keeping your favorite wine selections fresh for up to 60 days without loss of flavor or aroma.

It’s fully automated and temperature controlled and dispenses just the right amount of wine—a taste, a half glass, or a full glass—with a quick touch of a button on the LCD control pad.

TREND 5 - Vacuum Packed

Often considered an appliance for commercial kitchen, the vacuum sealer has slowly been integrated into modern homes as healthy, cost efficient way to preserve and prepare food. Miele introduced the first ever vacuum sealer drawer back in 2017 and now ever luxury kitchen brand has jumped on the band wagon.

Sub Zero Vacuum Seal Drawer

Vacuum sealing removes air from the pouch to prevent foods from oxidizing and spoiling, extending the time you can store foods. A vacuum sealer does more than preserve and portion food — it can also be used to seal opened wine bottles.


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