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MINOTTI 2020 Collection

The new Minotti Collection reaffirms its identity with the same high-quality sartorial savoir-faire used to craft a range of products that are increasingly exclusive.

Editorial Team | 22nd November, 2020

The new upholstered seating systems, seats and furnishing pieces are characterised by the purity of their shapes and volumes, defined by rigorous geometries with an architectural appeal. These are combined with a sophisticated tailoring thanks to the exquisite materials and the exclusive textile collection.

A silent elegance, never shouted, with a strong international vocation in terms of style and design, though entirely Italian in its imprinting. This is the common thread in all the projects, designed by a strong team coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni with the Minotti Studio. With Rodolfo Dordoni, Nendo, Marcio Kogan studio mk27, Christophe Delcourt and GamFratesi, the 2020 Collection looks West, to the sophisticated Mid-Century atmospheres of California; East, to the formal minimalism of Japan; and North, to the striking rigour of Scandinavia, all filtered by Minotti’s own well-defined sensitivity and personality.

The 2020 Collection develops a language that embraces the know-how of the tradition related to the world of upholstery, with a high level of sartorial craftsmanship. It features sculptural complements and seating elements with a strong personality that look back to the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, reinterpreting their spirit.

The collection was created for use in interiors located at different latitudes, in Europe, the Americas and Asia. It was designed imagining those living in them, their gestures and daily routines, tactile sensations, exclusive materials, the effect of the light as it illuminates a wooden or marble surface, and the gleam of a metal detail. Sophisticated furnishings, like a tailored suit, made to fit the user’s personality and taste, in line with Minotti’s design tradition.

The different cultural backgrounds of the designers merge and contribute to give shape and voice to the “Minotti project”

The rising interest in open air living has increased the focus on collections designed for outdoor spaces, conceived as an extension of the indoor living room, where the borders separating indoors and outdoors cease to exist. Minotti has used this approach for some time now in its designs for furnishing open air spaces, such as private gardens and terraces, the outdoor areas of hospitality facilities, marinas or yachts. Spaces with an inviting, relaxing vibe, whether they are corners of urban nature, exteriors nestled in the lush green landscape or overlooking the water.

The 2020 Outdoor Collection develops these principles with targeted design proposals, which originate from different design cultures but are conceived to co-exist in a harmonious dialogue. The outdoor furniture pieces are based on the main geometric shapes - square, rectangle, circle -, one of the characterising features of the 2020 Indoor Collection.

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