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A home office adapted to any interior style

Working from home has become the normal, but blending your workspace into your interior style can be slightly tricky.

Editorial News | 1st December, 2020

Actiu, office furniture manufacturers has drawn up a guide for designing and furnishing home workspaces, adapting them to the latest interior design styles while boosting connectivity, concentration and health

Equipping and designing home office spaces is becoming increasingly important in light of the new restrictions for the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

A general return to normal working spaces was expected in the autumn, however, the current situation has put this on hold for the time being. For this reason, companies are instead investing in redesigning the spaces from where their employees work remotely.

What is clear is that, for however long the COVID-19 pandemic lasts, remote working will coexist alongside in-office work, "but not just any which way”, according to actiu, Spanish leader in the design and manufacture of furniture solutions for work and hospitality spaces.

Design is important

All the studies carried out on remote working agree on the need to create home offices that are their own, separate spaces. In a survey conducted by actiu, 46% of participants stated that their workspaces are improvised with provisional furniture. A reality that results in a low level of efficiency and safety of current home office workstations.

Whenever possible, they recommend setting up a permanent work station, with a good Internet connection, a computer, an ergonomic chair for correct posture, a desk and some storage space for paperwork and work objects.

The choice of furniture is of the utmost importance when it comes to creating a functional and comfortable space that fosters efficiency. According to the Head of the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV), Rosa Porcar, the Home office as a regular workspace has to meet all the requirements of occupational hazards. In fact, this furniture has a direct influence on the health of workers and that is why Actiu's furniture complies with the two standards of the European office furniture industry regulations


A home office inspired directly by nature. The nature-inspired style creates fresh and balanced spaces, with light at the heart of them, whose objective is to transmit the peace and harmony of the outdoors. Some of the products that best suit this style are the Cron office chair, the Noom 50 meeting chair and the Bend soft seating range, an ideal complement to this style thanks to its rounded and organic shapes. Furthermore, following the line of natural tones, the Prisma table and the Cubic filing cabinet in cream will add the finishing touch to a nature-inspired workspace.


Inspired by the culture of the countries of the Mediterranean basin, the protagonist of this style is light. This light evokes the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea that characterises these countries. A Mediterranean-inspired room will have a spacious and bright atmosphere, ideal for relaxation and for making you feel like you are living outdoors. The Longo table and storage solution in white with wooden legs fits perfectly into a home office with this style. The Noom 30 chair will give you the essential touch to recreate the Mediterranean style thanks to its versatility and range of customisation options.


The industrial style is characterised by elements associated with old factories, workshops, garages, etc. These objects go together with other current trends such as recycling and the use of vintage pieces. It is an eclectic and timeless style where metallic tones and black prevail. Products such as the Talent 500 height-adjustable table, which improves the capacity for concentration and productivity, along with the avant-garde TNK Flex in shades of grey and black and a Buck metal filing cabinet, are the perfect choice for an industrial style home office where the Whass model stands out as a comfortable and elegant meeting chair.


The concept of the Nordic style is ‘the simplicity of daily life’. A style of décor that is committed to sophistication and harmony. The Nordic style seeks to create open spaces that give off a feeling of spaciousness. At the core of this style are functionality and the lack of elements that overdecorate the room, meaning it goes well with practical and highly versatile pieces of furniture such as the Stay or Efit office chairs combined with the Colectiva table or the Buck mobile filing cabinet. To make the room even more comfortable, soft seating solutions such as the Noom 10 and Bend fit this style perfectly as a result of their simple lines.



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