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Uralkali Haas F1 Team unveil the design and livery of its brand-new VF-22 challenger..

With 2022 finally seeing a new set of regulations dramatically changing the way Formula 1 cars look, and race, coming into play – Uralkali Haas F1 Team unveils the design and livery of its brand-new VF-22 challenger.

The VF-22 is the first entry to emerge from the American-owned team’s all-new design-office in Maranello, Italy – led by Technical Director Simone Resta. Bringing together a new personnel group and weaving it into the existing fabric of the team, now entering its seventh season in Formula 1, was just one of many challenges tackled through 2021 culminating in the design of the VF-22 – a car which has its genesis in a completely new set of regulations.

With the 2022 regulations designed to promote closer racing, and therefore more overtaking and excitement, the aerodynamics of the VF-22 are strikingly different to anything seen previously. New items have been incorporated to achieve the goal of the regulations such as a ground-effect floor, simplified front-wing, and a dramatic shaped rear-wing. Another striking new addition is the introduction of Pirelli’s 18-inch wheelrims and low-profile tires – designed to reduce overheating and allow drivers to push more on each stint. The VF-22 will be powered by the Ferrari 066/7 turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 power-unit running on fuel containing a 10% bio-component ratio achieved through a move to ‘E10’ fuel.

While the design of the VF-22 is dramatically different, the livery of the new entry is an evolution of last year’s predominantly white design which coincided with the arrival of title partner Uralkali – one of the world’s largest potash fertilizer producers and exporters. Haas Automation maintains its branding presence on the VF-22, the global CNC machine tool company founded by team owner Gene Haas. A burgeoning partner portfolio is further incorporated into the livery with on-car branding supported by 1&1, IONOS, Tricorp, Under Armour and CYRUS Genève, while Taittinger and Maui Jim continue to feature on a variety of key team assets.

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