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Formula 1 has announced that commencing 2023 the iconic Las Vegas strip will play host to a spectacular evening street circuit ..

The Bellagio Hotel and the fountains of the Venetian Resort will provide the spectacular backdrop to Formula 1’s newest race along the vibrant Las Vegas strip. One of three races to be held in the United States alongside Miami and Austin the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be held on Saturday night in November.

The 6.12km track design features three straights and high speed corners with top speeds expected to hit around 212mph (342km/h).

As you would expect the Las Vegas deal comes with great reward for F1 owners Liberty Mediarather than receiving the usual host fee from the city, F1 will promote the event themself with all ticket sales, merchandise revenues and sponsorship deals going straight into Formula One’s bank account with revenue expectations of £100million per race.

The 50-lap extravaganza will be the third evening race

This is not the first time Las Vegas has hosted a Formula 1 event, back in 1982 and 1983 two F1 grands prix took place in the city but instead of the Strip or a race track being used the event tool place in the parking lot of the Caesars Palace hotel!

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